COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

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For week ending 7/3/2021

Visiting Instructions | CMS Guidance on Visiting

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Dear Residents, Consumers/Persons Served, Families and Friends,

It has certainly been a long year and we are so very excited to update you on the updated visiting protocol for our locations. New guidance was released last week and on April 28, 2021 we provided training to our locations. We are happy to announce an open visiting policy in all our locations effective this date. We also have new guidance in several other areas. Here are the major changes:

  • Appointments for visiting at our locations are no longer required. This includes indoor visiting, outdoor visiting and compassionate care visits.
  • The length of time allowed for visiting is no longer restricted.
  • Residents and Consumers/Persons Served who are fully vaccinated and their fully vaccinated visitors may choose to visit without social distancing and without facemasks when visiting in a location without other residents or visitors. Close contact such as a hug, holding hands or a kiss on the cheek are all allowed.
  • Residents and Consumers/Persons Served who are fully vaccinated may also choose to visit without social distancing even when their visitors are not fully vaccinated but all must continue to wear a facemask.
  • Residents and Consumers/Persons Served who are fully vaccinated may participate in group activities and group dining without social distancing and without facemasks when all participants are fully vaccinated.
  • Residents and Consumers/Persons Served, regardless of vaccination status, are no longer restricted to their room following outings of less than 24 hours, such as for family visits, activity outings, medical appointments or dialysis.
  • Residents and Consumers/Persons Served who are fully vaccinated, or who have recovered from COVID-19 in the previous 3 months who leave the facility for greater than 24 hours are no longer restricted to their rooms for 14 days upon return.
  • Newly admitted or readmitted residents and consumers/persons served who are fully vaccinated, or who have recovered from COVID-19 in the previous 3 months are no longer restricted to their rooms for 14 days upon admission.

Here are a few items that have not changed:

  • Residents and Consumers/Persons Served, regardless of vaccination status, who have had a prolonged exposure to someone with or suspected to have COVID-19 will continue to require isolation precautions for 14 days following the exposure.
  • Visitors will continue to be screened upon entry to the location and excluded from entry if any of the screen out criteria are met.
  • Visitors will continue to be required to wear a facemask and to socially distance from employees and other residents when moving through the location.
  • Entry at the location will continue to be limited to a single door in order that we may continue our screening processes.
  • Visitors will continue to be required to review and acknowledge the visiting instructions at each visit.
  • The new guidance does provide a few circumstances when indoor visiting is restricted due to a high risk for COVID-19 transmission. These include limiting indoor visitation:
  • For unvaccinated residents and consumers/persons served when the county positivity rate is >10% and <70% of the residents and consumers/persons served in the location are fully vaccinated.
  • For any resident or consumer/person served who is in isolation precautions.
  • In the event the location identifies a COVID-19 positive employee or resident or consumer/person served until the extent of the outbreak can be determined.

If you are interested in additional information regarding our visiting protocols or the new guidance, please go to our Medicalodges COVID-19 alert page on our website at  At this same site you will find visiting information specific to each location and effective this week the county positivity rates and resident vaccination rates. This information is updated on a weekly basis.

As you can see, much of the new guidance is specific to residents and consumers/persons served who are fully vaccinated. We continue to offer the COVID-19 vaccine in our locations through our local health departments and participating pharmacies. We also continue to encourage all residents and consumers/persons served and employees to take the vaccine, and we encourage you to do the same. Because the status of a location can change rapidly, we do suggest calling the location prior to your visit to make sure you will be able to visit with your resident once you arrive.

We are so very thankful for the support of our residents, consumers/persons served, families and friends and for the heroic dedication our employees have demonstrated over the last year. We are excited to start returning to normal in our locations and to see our residents, consumers/persons served and their loved ones reunited after such a long time.

LocationResident   Staff   Visiting Considerations  Comments
Total Number Residents + for COVIDDate of Last Resident PositiveMost Recent Resident Testing DateFrequency of Resident TestingTotal Number
Staff + for
Date of Last Staff PositiveMost Recent
Frequency of Testing StaffLocation VisitingCounty Positivity RateResident Vaccination Rate
New Hope Valley Center1011/5/202011/19/2020N/A51/3/2021N/AN/A
Gran Villas Atchison Assisted Living0N/A1/14/2021N/A112/31/20207/6/2021MonthlyOpen to visiting9.70%93%
Gran Villas Independence Assisted Living0N/AN/AN/A0N/A7/6/2021MonthlyOpen to visiting5.50%80%
Gran Villas Neosho Asssted Living0N/A7/5/2021Twice Weekly26/22/20217/8/2021Twice WeeklyOpen to visiting22.00%82%Outbreak testing of residents concluded on 7/5/2021
Gran Villas Pittsburg Assisted Living81/4/20211/18/2021N/A512/28/20207/9/2021WeeklyOpen to visiting13.50%100%
Medicalodges Arkansas City SNF0N/A6/16/2021N/A66/1/20216/16/2021MonthlyOpen to visiting9.80%91%
Medicalodges Atchison SNF1812/29/20201/18/2021N/A181/4/20217/8/2021MonthlyOpen to visiting9.70%97%
Medicalodges Butler SNF1610/27/20204/27/2021N/A164/12/20217/5/2021WeeklyOpen to visiting15.30%94%
Medicalodges Clay Center SNF & Res Care274/6/20214/20/2021N/A812/10/20207/6/2021WeeklyOpen to visiting6.10%88%
Medicalodges Coffeyville SNF2212/21/20201/28/2021N/A2712/29/20206/14/2021MonthlyOpen to visiting5.50%88%
Medicalodges Columbus SNF & Res Care107/8/20217/9/2021Weekly167/9/20217/9/2021WeeklyConducting outbreak testing. Visiting restricted except for compassionate care visits.29.50%89%3 new positive employees and 3 new positive residents this report week
Medicalodges Dewey SNF27/23/202011/6/2020N/A310/20/20207/6/2021WeeklyOpen to visiting17.80%86%
Medicalodges Eudora SNF475/15/20216/2/2021N/A2012/24/20207/6/2021MonthlyOpen to visiting2.00%86%
Medicalodges Fort Scott SNF17/4/20207/6/2021Weekly116/23/20217/6/2021WeeklyVisiting restricted for unvaccinated residents due to county >10% and resident vaccination <70%14.50%60%Outbreak testing of residents concluded on 7/7/2021
Medicalodges Frontenac SNF0N/A2/15/2021N/A81/18/20217/7/2021Twice WeeklyOpen to visiting13.50%98%
Medicalodges Gardner SNF571/8/20211/29/2021N/A211/13/20217/6/2021WeeklyOpen to visiting4.80%95%
Medicalodges Girard SNF16/17/20217/8/2021Weekly66/24/20217/8/2021Twice WeeklyConducting outbreak testing. Visiting restricted except for compassionate care visits.13.50%100%
Medicalodges Goddard SNF & Res Care2211/9/20206/17/2021N/A156/2/20216/17/2021MonthlyOpen to visiting5.50%92%
Medicalodges Great Bend SNF811/11/20201/22/2021N/A221/5/20216/29/2021MonthlyOpen to visiting8.60%88%
Medicalodges Independence SNF0N/A3/1/2021N/A92/15/20216/21/2021MonthlyOpen to visiting5.50%81%
Medicalodges Jackson County SNF17/24/20204/9/2021N/A83/25/20216/22/2021MonthlyOpen to visiting2.70%92%
Medicalodges Kinsley SNF & Res Care1811/16/202012/7/2020N/A1411/21/20207/1/2021MonthlyOpen to visiting15%82%
Medicalodges Leavenworth SNF0N/A1/23/2021N/A61/8/20216/10/2021MonthlyOpen to visiting7.70%63%
Medicalodges Neosho SNF54/27/20217/8/2021Weekly107/2/20217/8/2021WeeklyConducting outbreak testing. Visiting restricted except for compassionate care visits.22.00%92%
Medicalodges Nevada SNF712/4/20202/12/2021N/A121/29/20217/6/2021WeeklyOpen to visiting15.90%93%
Medicalodges Oxford SNF1611/16/20202/18/2021N/A111/28/20217/6/2021WeeklyOpen to visiting14.00%85%
Medicalodges Paola SNF31/15/20212/1/2021N/A51/19/20217/6/2021MonthlyOpen to visiting10.40%94%
Medicalodges Pittsburg SNF210/8/20206/22/2021N/A136/7/20217/9/2021Twice WeeklyOpen to visiting13.50%100%
Medicalodges Post Acute Care Kansas City SNF488/17/20207/7/2021Weekly307/7/20217/7/2021WeeklyConducting outbreak testing. Visiting restricted except for compassionate care visits.8.10%80.0%1 new positive employee this report week
Medicalodges Wichita SNF4212/1/20205/28/2021N/A385/13/20216/22/2021MonthlyOpen to visiting5.50%92.8%
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Dear Residents, Families and Friends,

The fast approaching holiday season will present new challenges as we continue to navigate through this pandemic. We were hoping to have more options for visiting in our locations however our surrounding communities and the entire Midwest have experienced a surge in cases of COVID. Our locations continue to provide creative options in keeping residents engaged while maintaining precautions for preventing the spread of the illness. One location recently created an outdoor “Pumpkin Patch” where local children were able to pick treats from the patch while residents observed and enjoyed safely from inside. Our residents were also able to exercise their voting rights in the recent election. There are many more fun and creative activities planned through the holiday season. Pictures from activities in our locations are posted daily on our facebook pages at

The holiday season unfortunately does not change the current visiting limitations we are required to follow and as such, we will not be hosting holiday parties for residents and their family and friends in any of our locations this year. Our COVID alert page at is updated each week with COVID activity and identifies locations which have restricted visiting due to elevated county COVID positivity rates or outbreak testing at the location. For those locations that are able to allow limited visiting, arrangements must be made in advance.

We know many residents will be considering going home with family or friends for get-togethers or holiday dinners. The ability to accommodate holiday outings with family or friends will be determined by each location and will take into consideration the capacity of the location to isolate returning residents in private rooms upon their return. Residents and families/friends should plan for 14 days of isolation upon return to the facility and potentially an extended period of time residing with family or friends outside the facility until isolation rooms become available. Because of these limitations, please arrange holiday outings with your specific location. 

On a brighter note, availability of a coronavirus vaccine is very near and is reported to be 90% effective in preventing COVID. Residents and healthcare workers in congregate senior living settings have been prioritized to receive the vaccine before it is available to the general public. Our locations stand at the ready to administer the vaccine as soon as it becomes available. In the coming weeks, be looking for a vaccine consent form, sign and return promptly so as not to delay administration of the vaccine. We strongly encourage all residents to take the vaccine and will be encouraging our employees to do the same.

Our locations have managed through this pandemic despite numerous challenges and no doubt there will be more, but we have been able to adapt. Our testing results are showing significantly lower numbers than the positivity rates in the surrounding community for both our residents and employees. We have been able to secure sufficient supplies of protective equipment (PPE) and have developed good relationships with our local health departments, largely due to the diligence of our dedicated employees who have gone above and beyond and willingly made personal sacrifices. We are truly thankful for our employees, and for the ongoing support from our residents, families and friends.


Shannon Lager RN, BSN
Vice President & Chief Operations Officer

Medicalodges, Inc.

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Dear Residents, Families, Friends and Visitors,

As our surrounding communities and businesses begin to return to normal and open up we want to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their ongoing support. This has certainly not been easy for anyone. We also want to provide information on how our Medicalodges, Gran Villas and New Hope locations will be impacted.

Many areas continue to see positive cases of COVID-19 and community transmission. As businesses begin to reopen, travel restrictions and gathering restrictions eased and eliminated, we can expect to see continued new cases in our communities. The individuals we care for remain at extremely high risk for illness, hospitalization and even death due to COVID-19.  It is estimated that 40% of the deaths caused by COVID-19 have been in those who reside in long term care facilities and other congregate living communities.  For these reasons, our Medicalodges, Gran Villas and New Hope communities will continue with our current processes to prevent as much as possible the introduction of the virus into our locations. These efforts include, among other things:

  • Restricted access to our locations to essential personnel only
  • Restricted visiting with the exception of compassionate and end of life situations only
  • Strict adherence to hand hygiene, cough etiquette and use of face masks for all who enter our locations
  • Social distancing for residents as much as possible including no communal dining or large group activities
  • Monitoring of employees and residents for symptoms of COVID-19, including temperature
  • Restricted entry of any individual with a temperature or other symptoms of COVID-19, travel restrictions or potential exposure, including employees

We are currently developing reopening plans as an organization, keeping in line with the guidance provided by the CDC, CMS, state and local health departments and our state survey agencies. These plans will very likely include limited numbers of visitors allowed per resident, limited numbers of individuals allowed in our location at a given time, restricting visiting to specific areas of the facility and arranging for visits by appointment. As these plans are finalized, they will be shared with you. The health and safety of our residents and employees is of the utmost importance to us during this transition period.

You are encouraged to continue connecting with your loved ones through a variety of means, including letters, cards and notes, window visits, phone calls and video chat via google hangouts, Zoom and Facetime and Facebook chat. Our employees are available and happy to assist with arranging the use of technology devices for phone calls and video chats.

And a sincere thank you for your encouraging words sent through a variety of means to our employees. We know they are the heroes in all of this, and it is so meaningful when they hear it from you too. We will get through this and we all look forward to hugs, kisses on the cheek and handshakes.


Shannon Lager, RN, BSN
Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

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A letter to our Residents & Families

In this time of unprecedented pandemic, we have taken steps to protect our staff and residents.  As our surrounding communities begin to open up, we will remain vigilant in our efforts to reduce the risk of the virus entering our facilities, including restricting visiting and non-essential personnel. Below you will find what we will continue to have in place to prevent and manage the COVID-19 risk.

First, rest assured we are following the recommendations provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) and our State and Local Health Departments. While we are doing everything possible, you or your loved one may come in contact with someone who is unknowingly contagious.  The CDC has stated that individuals without symptoms may spread the virus.  As a precaution ALL of our staff and anyone entering the facility to conduct essential services for our residents are required to complete a screening regarding their travels and, potential encounters with anyone who has been diagnosed with the virus, and they have their temperature taken.  ALL individuals who enter the facility are required to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth, perform hand hygiene and are required to notify us if they later develop symptoms consistent with the virus.

We are doing everything possible to reduce the risk of the virus entering our facility; however, nothing is guaranteed.  Some people who have the virus do not have any symptoms and can still spread the virus.  We are doing our best with the tools we have, and we will make it through this pandemic apart but together.

Here is a brief description of what we will continue to do to reduce the risk of exposure to coronavirus in our facility even as the surrounding community begins to open up:

  • Entry to the facility is restricted to staff and essential personnel only.
  • Every resident has their temperature taken and reviewed by a licensed nurse every day.
  • Medical providers (Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants) are encouraged to conduct visits using telehealth technology so residents do not have to leave our facility and risk exposure to the virus.
  • Residents who leave our facility and risk exposure in the community are restricted to their room for a period of time afterwards to monitor for the development of symptoms.
  • Isolation precautions are initiated for any resident who develops symptoms. They are restricted to their rooms and staff wear protective equipment when providing their care.
  • Communal dining and activities have been suspended. Activities are provided in-room. Dining occurs in-room, or in small groups where social distancing can be maintained.
  • Deliveries are made without entry of vendors into to the facility. Staff bring our deliveries into the building.
  • Every staff member has their temperature taken every day and are screened for symptoms, travel and contacts which may place them at risk for exposure to the virus. Staff members who are sick or meet any of the exposure criteria are restricted from working in the building.
  • All staff and essential personnel wear masks while in the building.

What can families and friends do to help?

  • Write letters or send cards to your loved one, and ask your friends and relatives to do the same.
  • Have grandchildren make pictures and mail them to your loved one.
  • Make copies of photos and mail them in a letter to your loved one.
  • Send blank cards and envelope sets so your loved one can write to family and friends.
  • Bring pets to the resident’s window; seeing a pet is a great way to lift spirits.
  • Hang a bird feeder outside your loved one’s window, and refill it every time you visit. Ask your loved one about the birds that come to eat.
  • Bring chairs to sit outside the window and visit at the window on pleasant days.
  • Send gifts such as hand lotion, cologne, candy, books, puzzles, etc. A surprise gift is always welcome.
  • Print a copy of the hometown newspaper and mail it to your loved one. News from the childhood home of your loved one is welcomed and keeps them connected.
  • We have technology which allows residents to visit loved ones via video chat technology such as Facetime, Google Hangouts or Zoom. Pease make an appointment, as our staff can help residents utilize the technology.
  • Send a note to our staff too; let them know you appreciate their hard work.

Remember, these restrictions will not last forever, but until they are no longer recommended, we will continue to do what we can every day to reduce the risk of the spread of this virus to our residents and your loved ones. We love you like our own family and we will get through this together but apart.